Cure a Yeast Infection Naturally
  How to cure a yeast infection using natural, effective remedies.


How to Cure a Yeast Infection in Men  


Candida normally resides in the gut where it assists in breaking down partially digested carbohydrates. It is kept in a healthy balance by what are referred to as the friendly bacteria of the gut (mainly Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium longum). 


When it gets out of balance we call it yeast infection. Its symptoms are both external and internal. The external ones are rashes, red and itching areas (particularly in the backside and the genitals). Internally the overgrowth can cause poor digestion, and go on to cause fatigue, and immune problems leading to chronic health problems. 

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What causes yeast infection are things like high levels of stress, use of antibiotics (these kill of large numbers of your guts friendly bacteria and leave the yeasts free to grow unchecked). 

Yeasts feed on carbohydrates and especially sugar so if you have a history of high sugar in your diet and taking antibiotics you probably have some degree of overgrowth. 

The other cause of it is during unprotected sex - if your partner has external symptoms and you are unprotected you will likely be infected (at the least with a skin rash). 


When treating the external symptoms men have an easier time than women due to their anatomy... The symptoms will clear up sooner with persistent application of treatment. 

The internal overgrowth will need the same treatment however, although if you have contracted an external infection from your partner you may not have an internal overgrowth to the same extent. 


So how do you treat it? 

You can treat and get relief from external symptoms but any external treatment must be coupled with treating the internal imbalance and restoring your immune system to its optimum. 


Internal treatment begins with adjusting your diet to exclude high sugar drinks and foods, eliminating foods that weaken or tax the immune system (artificial sweeteners, poor quality fats and junk food in general) and eating more whole foods like whole grains, lots of vegetables and fruits and plenty of clean water. It also involves lifestyle changes like taking regular exercise, learning to breathe more deeply and taking breaks in nature regularly, and minimising stress wherever possible. 


What also help are certain supplements - these can be divided into 2 categories - those that kill the yeast or discourage its growth and those that help the body by helping the immune system, and giving the body the right building blocks to allow the body to perform its proper functions to maintain health. 


Yeast Killing Supplements 


Caprylic acid - this is a type of fatty acid that kills yeast, get it in tablet form or by taking coconut oil (can be used internally or externally). 


Garlic - antiviral, antifungal - this is yeasts enemy! Take internally with food and use externally as a treatment (rub infected area with a peeled clove. 


Supplements that support the body's natural processes 


Udo’s oil - flax oil - this stuff rocks - the cells of the body consist of 70% fat content. 

The quality of the fats you eat is so important. Most commercially available fats are nothing but garbage. They have been heated, bleached, and mixed with all kinds of chemicals until nothing of their original goodness remains. 

The best and most suitable fat for our bodies can be found in fats like flax, hemp, rapeseed and coconut oil. Take these in supplement form. You can also buy the oil and pour it over your food or mix into a smoothie / drink. Also do NOT heat your oils beyond a medium heat - if cooking use coconut oil as much as possible - if you need to use another oil make sure to mix it with water so it won't burn and destroy the good fats. 



Exercise is vital to full health. Go every other day (everyday is better). Don't over do it - a walk is as good as a run. Relax and breathe deep fresh air. 


The cost of not doing anything can be far more (and usually is) when dealing with illness. If we have an imbalance it is usually because of how we are - a combination of our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, habits and daily actions. These tend not to change without some attention. Addressing your health will not only allow you to avoid a lot of undesirable health incidents and ongoing drama, it will also ensure you enjoy a long and healthy life. One where you feel  empowered to respond to life's challenges and live life to the fullest.